World-Class Experts Reveal How To Build A Profitable Business From Scratch

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Do you want to have more control over your time and enjoy freedom and flexibility? I believe you deserve all this. It all starts with becoming a virtual assistant.

Throughout my 15-plus years in the administrative field, I have had the opportunity to work for some amazing people and companies while enjoying great success. As a second generation admin, I never thought I would be doing anything different. However, the world is changing. Over one-third of the American workforce is remote. The times, they are a-changin!

Virtual assistance is a growing field and offers more control of your time, more freedom, and more flexibility. Being a VA has forever changed my life — how I view my time, how I spend my time. I will never go back to working in an office for someone else again!

That’s why I have brought together some of the world’s best experts on the cutting edge of business. They not only created their own successful businesses, they teach others how to do it as well.

Throughout the Admin to VA Summit, these experts will reveal proven formulas for success that don’t include any email marketing, buying lists, or spammy, salesly tactics.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself today. Whether you’re an admin getting ready to become a VA or a seasoned, successful VA, our speakers will show you how to build, grow, and manage your own VA business.

Think about where you want to be in a year. Or five years. Imagine the joy of seeing your dreams realized, with the luxury of working from anywhere in the world.

How will you get there from where you are now? With the help of the experts in the Admin to VA Summit, I will take you from where you are now to be where you want to be.

If the opportunity arose to work with these presenters, it would cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. I don’t say this to impress you but to show you the significance of the impact these experts will have upon you and your business.

Let these experts guide you step by step. They will provide you with the blueprint and tools you need to take your skills to even greater heights

What If I Can’t Make It To All Of The Live Sessions?

I totally get it. You’re running a mile-a-minute, taking care of everything and everyone. Don’t let watching the Admin to VA Summit be one more thing that drops off your to-do list. I know you will regret it!

Instead, here’s an opportunity to invest in yourself. With the All-Access Pass, you can watch and study these powerful interviews more in-depth and on your own time. You know when you’re at your best and when you can most effectively absorb and implement the material.

On top of that, the All-Access Pass will give you the chance to connect and build relationships with others who are on the journey with you in our exclusive community.

Get lifetime access to these valuable interviews and never worry that you missed a moment of this powerful material.

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Watch on your own time.

Don’t worry about tuning in at exactly the hour a speaker is set to go live. Instead, watch the interviews when you’re ready.

With your All-Access Pass, you can study the presentations anytime, anywhere, for life.

Plus, you will get access to some incredible bonuses!

Access Sessions From Hand Picked 15 world-class Experts for Only US $197 If You Sign Up Today

We are so confident you’re going to LOVE these sessions. So if for any reason at all you don’t love your all access pass, you can get a refund.

Why You Should Get The All-Access Pass

You’ll walk through each phase of business, using a tactical, step by step approach.

The 15 expert speakers in the Admin to VA Summit know the value of tactical information that you can employ in your business. All sessions are geared towards delivering specific, actionable steps. Plus, these experts know how to have fun! These won’t be boring lectures or webinars!

Learn how easy it is to become a VA! You’ll learn how to set yourself apart, how to share the right information to be seen and heard, how to attract the right clients, and how to position yourself as the expert. Learn how to maximize your potential without creating more work for yourself. Learn how clients find you. You don’t chase them.

These are just a few examples of the actionable insights the speakers will deliver in the Admin to VA Summit. Each session will pack a punch and give you the information you need to skyrocket your VA business.

Experts will inspire you with a new mindset-transitioning from an employee to a business owner.

These speakers are some of the most driven individuals when it comes to guiding people to be their best and do their best work.

No need for you to reinvent the wheel when it comes to figuring out what works. Instead, our speakers will tell you what to do, what to avoid, and what to focus on.

The Admin to VA Summit will deliver results.

Our speakers are laser-focused on delivering advice you can implement immediately – to get proven results!

No matter where you are in your business, you will see results when you implement the experts’ strategies and tactics. Then you will be able to build on those results for long-term and lasting success.

I guarantee it.

The private community will help you excel.

Community. Accountability. Networking. Inspiration. Fun.

Becoming a virtual assistant shouldn’t happen in a vacuum, and I won’t let it.

Each of our All-Access Pass holders will receive a bonus membership to the private mastermind community where you can personally connect with the summit host and other VAs.

For a limited time, the All-Access Pass is just $197.

Typical conferences, seminars, and retreats require a large investment of time and money. And investing in one-on-one consulting with these speakers would cost over $30,000.

The Admin to VA Summit gives you access to all these expert speakers in one place. And you will be able to watch each presentation at a time and place that are convenient for you! You’ll save money, travel time, and your sanity! If you claim your ticket today, it’s just $197.

Access Sessions From Hand Picked 15 world-class Experts for Only US $197 If You Sign Up Today

We are so confident you’re going to LOVE these sessions. So if for any reason at all you don’t love your all access pass, you can get a refund.

What Makes The Admin To VA Summit Different?

Your time is valuable, and I respect it.

That’s why I hand-picked 15 world-class experts and some of the best minds in business across multiple fields to deliver powerful insights that will empower you to become a successful VA. The summit doesn’t just include experts in the VA field, that’s not enough. These 15 experts are so good, their secrets cross every facet of business.

I want you to be successful from Day 1 and watch your business skyrocket. No matter where you are or what you want to offer – these experts can help.

Do you want to learn from some of the world’s top thought leaders and experts in the same place? You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in coaching fees or conference tickets.

With the All-Access Pass, you’ll enter an elite membership area where you’ll be able to watch these powerful interviews at your leisure. Return to these amazing interviews again and again, on your time.

And if that’s not enough, the bonus content will make your jaw drop.

If you purchase today, you’ll get lifetime access to all of the value-packed Admin to VA Summit expert sessions.

Get the education and tools you need at a special limited time discount to help you get better results as a VA today. Control your time. Enjoy freedom and flexibility!

The All-Access Pass Includes

Lifetime access to video interviews (MP4) 15+ Hours ($700+ value)

Lifetime access to audio interviews (MP4) ($200+ value)

Exclusive live Q & A session and private mastermind community
($600+ value)


$ 500 Value

Ask Me Anything (Live Q&A)

$ 500 Value

42-Page Stand Out Workbook

$ 500 Value

Week of The Warrior

$ 175 Value

Do It Anyway: Tips for Courageous Writing

$ 100 Value

Gifts NOT To Give

$ 25 Value

Best Place To Work

$ 250 Value

Free LinkedIn Chapter & Headline Generator App

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If you don’t love the summit get your money back within 30 days – guaranteed.

No questions asked. No hassles. No problem.

Access Sessions From Hand Picked 15 world-class Experts for Only US $197 If You Sign Up Today

We are so confident you’re going to LOVE these sessions. So if for any reason at all you don’t love your all access pass, you can get a refund.